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Blitz is redefining competitive gaming with a revolutionary desktop app for some of the most popular desktop game like League of Legends, TFT, Runeterra, and Valorant. Blitz enhances player experiences by empowering them with expert analytics designed to help them improve and win more.
Our Solution
Blitz, being an esports company, has a very different userbase than most apps we find today. With the specificity of the userbase we had to make sure all of our work was geared specially towards them. The desktop app seamlessly integrates with both Windows and Mac operating systems to hook into supported games in order to retrieve live game data late used for analysis. Through our work, we were able to increase their DAU (Daily Active Users) from 400k to over 1.3MM+.
Continued Partnership
Blitz is one of the fastest growing esports companies, with Belo as a partner, they are leading they way to get into pro play analysis and to coach pro esports teams.