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Sircles is recommendations from friends and people you trust. Store your favorite restaurants, movies, nail salon, etc... Easily find and map your friends' favorites. Get rewarded for sharing. Create your Sircle of Trust. No longer rely on Yelp reviews written by strangers. They are often fake or false. Sircle is, and always will be, a positive, sharing community.
Our Solution
Sircles recently skyrocketed because of their highly successful crowdfunding campaign. They needed help bringing their app to a few thousand in beta to be able to service much more people when going to production. We assisted in migrating their backend architecture from REST to GraphQL and will be continuing to maintain, optimize and automate their backend to scale to handle multi-million concurrent users, which we believe they will have.
Continued Partnership
With the switch from REST to GraphQL, we were able to speed up network calls and ultimately the app by 3x. As optimzations are done daily, we are aiming for 5x the prior speed with 10x the original users.